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Sunday, January 21, 2007

California People I forgot!

Fred and Kathy!
I work with Kathy and go to their house on Wed. nights to play with a bunch of people. We play old fiddle tunes and stuff like that. It's a blast. Kathy plays the standup base, fred is one of the best fiddle/mandolin players I've ever met, and they're are a bunch of others too!

Morris Nursery
I worked at the Nursery since '99. It's a great job (despite all the bickering we did!). Ron & Dave took good care of me and provided me a flexible way to work while going to school. I love all the staff there (except Matt Tanis - that guys a jerk). Please pray, the Nursery burned down last Sunday - it's been there about 30 years! My boss was injured, but I think he's ok, I just hope that the place is up and running soon.


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