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Saturday, January 20, 2007

People I know and am thankful for PART 3 BABY!!! TEXAS EDITION!!!

This entire chapter would not be possible if it weren't for Ken and Becky. They have taken me into their home for next to nothing! Becky has been wonderful - she does so many nice things for me. Sometimes I come home late at night and find the lamp in my room left on. She explained to me that the light is for when I come home drunk (easy modesto people....I don't get drunk every night, just sometimes...ok, now modesto people are trying to figure out if im joking or serious!). Ken and Becky have kinda taken me in as their Texas son - at least that's how I see it. They even let me go to Texas A&M games with them(freakin' awesome! Ken's sister's family is loads of fun!). It's been wonderful living here and I can't say how blessed I am to have Ken and Becky in my life and helping me along my journey. It's one thing to get to spend time with a mentor every now and then, it's another to get to live life in the same house with him. Thanks for everything - you guys are soooo generous! I love you.
ABBY! Abby is Ken and Becky's daughter who moved back after she graduated from college. She's like a sister to me. We love cherry coke.

This is the part where Juli starts to dial my number on her cell phone to ask why Ryan is listed before her on my blog. GET OVER IT SISTER!!!! HE'S A DUDE!!! Ryan and I hit it off from the start. I met him when I came to visit texas for the first time. I was totally wasted - yah...I had an entire new castle that night, crazy eh! Anyways, I love to goof off on the guitar with Ryan then head outside to smoke a bowl and have a good conversation. Ryan also lives with his pastor so we're both blessed to have such great mentors and people that love us and are helping us on our journey. I love you man! You've help make Texas home for me - because nowhere is home without the right people there with you.

Alright - it's juli's turn. Juli and ryan are my best friends here in texas. During the summer we all hung out as much as we could. We just about died when the school started - they both had to go to school (plus they started dating! Yep, that's right...i'm the third wheel guy!). If I didn't know for a fact that I had such great friends here, I may have went back to Cali where I had an abundance of good friends - but turns out that God blesses me with great relationships wherever I go! Juli, Ryan...thanks for being awesome friends.

Darian & Felicia
Again - I'm blessed with great friends here in texas. Darian is a magician & a helicopter pilot. felicia's really good at texas hold'em and she sales cakes for weddings. Oh yah, felicia is one of the funniest/weirdest people i know. One time we went to austin to see this comedy/variety show called esters follies. It was pretty funny, but the car trip may have been the best part. We listened to Tenacious D most of the time. Felicia is the only girl that I know that actually enjoys Tenacious D(most can't even tolerate it!). Now they have moved to Tomball - I haven't been to their house yet, but I'm excited to go see them soon!

Tri & Steph
Tri & Steph went to Wellspring for a while, and even though they attend somewhere else, we hang out from time to time. Tri is also a helicopter pilot. He also does inlay work for guitars, he showed me the process, it's pretty cool stuff. I go to Tri and Stephs place to have a drink, smoke a cigar or pipe, and watch a man movie (jackass, jackass 2, etc). They have a little girl named Annalee and a brand new baby boy named Ivee (it's supposed to be like IV because his daddy is the III so he is now the IV!) Steph is gracious enough to welcome me into her home and spend some time with her husband every now and then. Thanks for everything guys!

My Broseph
That's right...David Allen! This guy is my official Texas brother. Now that I don't work at mainstreet I don't see him as often, but hopefully we'll get to hang out more in the future. David is a gamer - this dude knows a lot about WOW and all the other cool computer games. He also is a freakin' gymaholic, the dude is ripped. David and I have had a lot of good conversations. Much love broseph!

Juli Blick
Juli lived with us for several months. She is from Australia, but lives all over the world - I believe she spends most of her time working in London, and going to school in Australia. She is one of the most kind, generous people I know. She spent a lot of time working though some emergent church issues with us. The thing I remember being on her heart was the need for better communication between the established church and the emergent church. Your a true sister! Come back to texas to see us!

Kevin & Dee
I love these guys...well, I love Dee and I tolerate Kevin. Kevin sorta gets on my nerves, but I know I'm supposed to treat people like him as if he were Jesus (I'm certain Kevin isn't jesus!). Just kidding, you know I love you Kev. They have a daughter that is loads of fun to play with - all of us at wellspring claim her as our own! Juli and I just went to their house the other night to hang out, they have a really nice place(they just moved in!). Kev plays hand percussion at church and Dee usually leads us in the Jesus Creed. I'm grateful to have them in my life.

Karen is Jesus. Yep, that's what most of us at Wellspring have figured. She's such a healthy person: She lives for good things (like working behind the scenes to help people with HIV/AIDS), she lives in the moment, she has mastered the art of celebration, and yet she journeys with us dorks at wellspring (I know...just because I'm a dork doesn't mean everyone at wellspring is!). Karen, thanks for making my life richer. I need to come spend more time with you in H-town! This is a picture of Karen with her best friend Roger(cool guy that has been a great encouragement to me in Texas!).

His real name is Julius, but his initials are JAM, so everyone calls him Jam. I met Jam at the coffee shop I used to work for, then we started playing music together. He and his drummer were looking for a bass player, I flew home, visited with some friends and famliy, grabbed my bass and headed back to texas ready to rock out! We are still trying to finish a recording project we started before our drummer moved to New York(he does most of the work). We've had a lot of good times and good conversations along the way. He's made my life richer and my perspective broader, and I think I've done the same for him - it's a mutual thing.

My community: Ken, Becky, Abby, Pat, Juli Cool, Juli Allen, Kev & Dee, John G, The Kill-a-brews, Don, Mark, The Ko-vars!(you guys rock, we're blessed to have you in our community!), James & Fran (recently started joining us for thursday nights)! And everyone else that comes to wellspring! You're the reason I moved to Texas! Woo!


Blogger KC said...

Wow! While the "Jesus" tag may be a bit much, i have to tell you that i really needed to see this today and to be reminded of a few thing. Thanks!

8:55 AM  
Blogger Rodney said...

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3:34 PM  
Blogger Rodney said...

HAHA! It reminds me of Acts:

22They shouted, "This is the voice of a god, not of a man." 23Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

Soooooo....give God the praise (I know you will) and you will not be in danger of the worms!!!

PS- what happened to your blog?!?!! It's gone!!!!! Bring it back!

3:37 PM  

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